The most horrible 10 rituals that are made on women of different countries …


Dreadful 10 rituals – No matter how civilized the civilization is, yet we continue to practice the odd customs of some parts of the world. Women’s protection in underdeveloped and developing countries is still a big concern. Some customs which are forced to be observed in women are very inhuman.

Here are some inhuman customs that women observe, which will bring water to your eyes.

1) Force feeding

Maoriitania is believed to be the place where more weighted wives come to bring happiness and prosperity to their husbands. So before the marriage of young girls, they were fed food for 16,000 calories a day.

2) The cry of marriage

People from Sichuan province of southwest China observe a strange practice called Yu Tong. According to this custom, the bride is crying every night since a year before marriage. If the bride still refused to cry, then the mother’s mother killed her and forced her to shout.

3) Female sex organisms

In some countries like Somalia, Egypt, sexual intercourse of small girls is done. To protect the integrity of the girls, such use is done on them.

4) Captivity of the Roman Gypsy’s bride

Although kidnappings are illegal throughout the world, Romani people observe this strange practice in marriage. If a person kidnaps a woman for 3 to 5 days, then the person gets permission to marry the woman.

5) Cut the tooth with chapati

Humans of Sumatera Mentawai believe that females in needle teeth are much more attractive. Women’s teeth are cut by a local OZA blade. The worst thing is that no medicine is given to reduce the pain of these women.

6) Behind the beatings

The Brazilian suburbs of the tribe nude girls, leaving them naked on the streets until they become unconscious. Then if these girls can stand up, they are considered to be eligible for marriage.

7) Force tattoos

To make women more attractive to Brazil and Paraguay, they have the custom of tattoos all over the body. They have to make tattoos in their stomach, breasts and pits.

8) Pour iron or iron rods in the breast

Some tribal people in Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa believe that the number of rape in the country will decrease if women breed with breast.

The little girl’s parents do this destructive task. Stones, hammers, such things are clothed in women’s breasts in hot coals so that the cells are damaged for lifelong living.

9) Ring like a giraffe

Girls from Karen tribe of Thailand wear a ring around their neck because they think that the height of the beauty of the long neck. The girls have to suffer a lot like a giraffe, because the rings in their necks have to stay alive throughout life. At the age of 5, a girl starts reading this ring, and every year a ring continues to grow.

10) Baby pulse intake

Some tribal women of China eat their own pulse after the birth of the baby because they are very nutritious. But is it right to feed them women?

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