The main cause of the disease is this navel, so be aware of the navel care! How to care for navel?


The main cause of the disease is that this navel – how many of the many diseases of the body are in our navel, that we know or know. Modern science gives amazing information that will not only surprise you, but also think you more.

Not only the connection between the pulse but the navel is one of the major components of human body. Neat does not need beauty, not to ignore, the care of the navel can keep you healthy. Come on, do not know what diseases will care for the navel!

1) Excretion of acne and rash in the regular navel. Many beauty products are used in this problem. There is no anxiety about acne. In any cream or lotion, apparently absence of acne, it appears again. However, if the nimite oil is given by oil, it is easily solved from this problem.

2) Women often suffer from dry lips. For lipstick fits with makeup, this type of trickle and dried lip Although the navel is made of mustard oil but it is released from the problem.

3) Nearly every woman suffers with seasonal pain. Keeping the brandy of cotton in the navel at this time. Relief from pain and cramps.

4) Bump cold feathers have a lot of fever. Cold-cough problems also occur. In these cases, put in the alcove cotton cotton nave. Experts say that it results in magic like magic.

5) Those who are conscious about facial beauty, put it in the mouth. It results in matches. But give it a little olive oil. It will return facial beauty. The skin is soft even if the clean butter is on the navel.

6) There is no need to separate the use of coconut oil, especially for hair studies, especially for hair. But there is also a different advantage. Experts say that fertility or fertility is enhanced if coconut oil is available in navel.

So take care of your navel from today and keep your navy clean.

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