The longest bridge on the ocean!


China is always ahead in modern technology and architecture. What is not there in that country? Despite the country’s boundaries, China’s invention has captured the world market. It’s not just the product, but the world is making the tallest bridge on the ocean.

It is known that China had earlier come to discuss the construction of glass bridges. But this time the world is really wondering about the world. The Beijing Bridge is opening on October 24. It is made up of 55 km from Hong Kong to Macau. This is the world’s longest bridge built on the sea.

Engineers from England, America, Denmark, Switzerland, Japan and the Netherlands have come up with this bridge. They said that the steel needed to make 60 Eiffel Tower, the bridge constructed with more steel. It cost hundreds of millions of dollars. It has 4 tunnels and 4 artificial islands.

The construction of the bridge began in 2009. China is very happy to build this bridge. Although the bridge is made in Hong Kong, the control is actually in China’s hands. It is estimated that at least 40 thousand cars will be transported by this bridge every day.

Researchers say that extra money was spent on this bridge. However, it is feared that any serious accident could happen from this. Maybe the country does not think about it all. They are satisfied with the progress of their work.

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