The housewife has reduced the weight of 25 kg in just 6 months


Just like 6 months – after weight gain, weight loss is like nightmare. We do not want to lose weight even after trying a lot. Even after eating the routine, you do not want to lose fat even after exercising in the gym. And if this problem happens to the housewives, then it does not matter that this problem increases even a few times. Because it is very difficult to find time out for the sake of success in the work of family. And the weight will increase, as well as many diseases related to weight in the body.

But a housewife, Isha Pal, reduced the weight of 25 kgs in just 6 months. Do not be surprised It really happened. Let’s not tell that story.

Isha Pal is 36 years old His weight increased to 81 kilograms. However, firmly determined that Yash had done it, he would reduce his weight by any means.

Isha Pal’s eating menu

Breakfast – Coffee, gram flour – rice, pulses, soya, curd, saladenar – protein shake, cheese. The sweet food and junk food were excluded from his eating list. Every day with light-body exercises

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