The gold lingerie came in the market, If you know the value, then the head will turn around


Gold lingerie in the market – more than three and a half million rupees in Indian currency. Weighing 700 grams Tamara has responded to the world’s golden bra Several months before the ramp was made. Now women in the market of gold, women’s gold bra.

Recently, gold bars were brought to the public for the purchase of ‘Golden Capital Show’ in Pingliang Town in Northwest China. Traders say that gold bars of different styles are sold in the market.

Not only for purchasing, the jewelery shakes are crowded to see the naked gold bra. In addition to Bra, China’s Jewelery Shop sells gold, wedging gown and dresses.

In China, on August 18th, Chinese gold businessmen brought the first gold bridal jewelery to China’s valentines day. There was a great demand for the service of that bra. Many people say, ‘solid support’.

Gold shoe dresses for boys were sold in Shin town in central China earlier this year. Traders say that China’s super-rich or gold coins, huge demand for undergarments.

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