The five Bollywood movies that will be seen are alone


The five Bollywood movies – sometimes not being made as family watching, we often wear it in the face of adversity. In this situation, parents can not be raised from the front and there is no way to sit still.

In 1980, a well-known poet, along with his son’s son, took a well-connected family of Sweden to the early twentieth century

In the background, Igor Bergman’s ‘Fanny and Alexander’ went to see the film. Sex scene in which the movie was seen only after a while.

There is a lot of horrible jokes in it. World thinks Critique is considered to be the image of this film.

But, it is adventurous to have a Bengali couple’s children – to enjoy this kind of movie family together. In front of such a scenario, the Bengali couple really thinks they are going out of the hall, and at the same time, it seems that the reading will be more cadvavaras.

Pre-adolescent’s son will say what to leave? Why would he go up this question, and what will they answer? Most of the Bengali people have had to read both of them in such a crisis. Even today

We sit to see some of the movies in the house or outside of our parents, which can be done after we have gone, or can not wait to enjoy the pictures. However, seeing these pictures alone or with the same age group would not have created such a situation.

Here is the story of 5 Bollywood movies.

Insaf ka Taraju – The 1980 film is still shown on various TV channels. We started looking at the tea cup with our family. But fall in the face of two horrifying rape scenes, the situation arose – the situation arose. Especially in the ‘Minor’ Padmini Kolhapuri sex scene, still the discomfort in front of the Guru.

Gangs of Wasipur – There is no objectionable scene here. But director Anurag Kashyap used to camouflage the ruthless reality of the Dhanbad mines region, Ameya Slang. Almost every dialogue has dropped out of the language of the language. It is really difficult to see the picture in ‘sabaribare’.

Delhi Belly – There is nothing to say about the 2011 aesthetic of this dark comedy. But director Abhishek Deo and screenwriter Akshit Sharma used the urban slang in the capital very much. On top of it was the change in social relations records. The Bengali movieview is also uncomfortable here.

The central theme of this film directed by Parched-Leena Yadav is that the society and women in Rajasthan’s desert region of Rajasthan. As it stands to clear the reality of women’s repression, clear nudity has not been kept in the dialogue. Sexuality is so uncommon that family views are really difficult.

Pink-Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s film on the subject of the 2016 film Hindi woman’s persecution There is a long court-view The questionnaires need to be answered, which is difficult to enjoy with puberty children.

The most uncomfortable situation is created when the minor wants to know the father or mother, why is the name of the film ‘Pink’? You can get the director’s approval to apply the natural color of the female-genitalia to the photo. But to enjoy it, the Indian and the middle class of the middle-class is still late.

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