The favorite food of the top 10 leaders in the world


Donald Trump: The world’s most powerful president likes the Junk Food president.

Narendra Modi: He is neutral. In a press report in 2016, it was revealed that Narendra Modi spent his nights on drinking water only after drinking hot water. He liked Gujarat’s food.

Vladimir Putin: The President of Russia is very health conscious. In her breakfast, she is filled with tar, cottage cheese and honey. Beatroute juice is his special choice.

Kim Jong Un: The Supreme Leader of the Korean Legion. Snake wine, animate cheeses are very popular.

Barack Obama: Former President of America’s Fast Food Burger, hot dog, and Mexican snack are special favorites.

George W. Bush: Former US presidential favorite sandwich Grill, honey or peanut love to eat with butter.

David Cameron: The British Prime Minister likes to cook even from eating.

Bill Clinton: Along with chicken, Late, Tomato and raw onions are very much loved by former US President.

Nelson Mandela: The former South African president preferred Palang Soup. Orange Pudding, Peanut Butter also loved.

Dalai Lama: He is known as the ambassador of peace. Love to eat tea, bread, roasted barley, clay.



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