The end of the day of trouble Automatic Iron in the market, find out where to find


The end of the day of trouble is to dress. Automatic Iron on the market: Clothing is a lot more difficult to wear such as washed clothes, it is better to dress. Because if the clothes are not as clean as it is not cleaned then the dress.

You will not find it afterwards. However, there is a lot of trouble using electric ion all over. But there is good news for everyone. Automobile Iron in the market has come here. That will suit all your clothes. See how it works on videos. The video is placed below the post.

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The most expensive and different in the world, the F-35 is the most modern fighter in Israel!

The most expensive of the world – what features of this F-35 fight?
This aircraft made by Lockheed Martin Company has ‘Stellat’ technology. That means, the flight will not be found in the enemy’s radar during the flight. Without it, before the enemy can see the enemy himself, he will see him.

The most expensive and modern warfare aircraft in the world, the F-35 Stahl has used Israel’s two recent attacks in Syria. This United States has created the United States. Each aircraft costs around $ 100 million.

This first F-35 fighter was used in a ‘Combat Operation’. This aircraft is so expensive that its price and effectiveness have been criticized in the United States, and tweeted by Donald Trump, before the presidential election.

After the news of the use of the aircraft, General Amikam Norkin, chief of Israeli Air Force, discussed the issue with the airline.

The pilot’s helmet has a display system – so that on the other hand, the enemy will be able to fire on the other side. The policeman can identify the target movements of the enemy, make enemy raiders ‘jams’ or void and attack /

There are many defects in it from other side. But General Norkin says the plane is a ‘game changer’, after the arrival of the aircraft war and will not be the same as before.

He said, “We have flown all over the Middle East and attacked two targets.” But he did not mention the target.

Can resist Apart from this, all information related to this plane can be shared with the operation commander. The plane has also been criticized. Military analysts say that the fury of enemy radars in the F-35 warfare has given importance so much that the BBC /

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