The dog is also in protest!


In order to stop the abandonment of the European Union in the UK, there is a protest rally towards Parliament in London with about 1,000 dogs. The organizers of this campaign, ‘Ufferendam’, say the animals will also be affected if the EU leaves the EU.

A few days ago, this march has been seen as a satirical placard. The placard tied with a dog’s neck was writing ‘Brewing Bewhee’.

A protester is seen to be a European citizen who is placard hanging on the neck of a dog he is holding. He did this to mean the depth of his relationship with the European Union countries.

One of the arguments by the protesters in opposition to the breaksight is that the UK’s crisis of food after veterinary and domestic animals will be seen when the UK leaves the European Union.

The activities of its party are described as insane activity by highlighting the issues of their own losses.

In order to decide whether the United Kingdom will be in the European Union, in 2016, the referendum was introduced in the promotion of a referendum, and the rhetoric of politicians, influential people, who were in favor of the backsite. Temporary ‘P’ stations were made in different places on the march, where there were again pictures of the support fans. Then the dogs were encouraged to leave the urine on those pictures. Among those who were protested in this way was former UK Secretary of State Boris Johnson and UK Independent Party leader Nijal Faraj.

The placards with the second referendum demand to stop the process of the breaks are also attached to the dog’s body.

The leaders of various political parties, led by the general public in London, protest against the anti-breakdown in London. Among them, Alston Campbell, who was the director of the Department of Communications and Strategy, former prime minister Tony Blair.

The march is carried out in the Parliament Square in Westminster, London.

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