The child has three hands woman has three breasts, see how different these body parts are …


There are three hands in a woman – this world is very different  The animals living here are also very different. We are among the people of this animal. Often you’ve heard about the strange hobbies of people. Heard about strange-strange habits. But there are some people who are different than usual.

Usually each person has two eyes, two hands, two legs. But if you have more than two people, what would you say? Because it is certainly so. There are some people who have more than two legs or hands.

Sometimes it happens naturally and sometimes due to any surgery. Today we have brought some people’s information to you. You will be surprised to know about them. Then what is the delay? Let’s know about this whole thing.

The descendants of Hanuman

Chandra Oormam resides in West Bengal. 14.5 inches is like a tail in his body. People think of him as a form of Hanuman. They come from far away to worship. The lunar trees get up. It attracts more people.

So big hand

Some people are big and some people can have small hands. But Malkin of Thailand’s shop is struggling with a strange disease. Dungjoy Samasamam for the last 50 years has endured a great pain. All fat is stored in this disease. According to the doctor, the hands will be released from the disease after cutting off the hands. But this woman rejected it.

Check out the three breast-fed women again.

34 fingers

There are 20 fingers in the hands of a common man. But Akshat Saxena of Uttar Pradesh was born with both hands 7-7 and 10-10 feet on her legs. After an operation, their extra fingers were removed.

Three nipple women

Usually, both breasts of women are very heavy. But this young woman has three breasts. Jasmine Tridentville, this young girl implanted her extra breast with surgery. According to the young woman, she wanted that men do not get attracted to her, so she did this surgery.

This girl’s tongue is really long.

Long tongue

You have heard criticism from ‘childhood’ since childhood. But Gorica Brocko Blakeket’s tongue is really very long. He can touch his tongue from his nose to the elbow. According to the report, the tongue of the embryo is 4.5 inches long. This young girl believes that her tongue is the longest tongue in the world.

Face on face

Huqang of China was born in 2009 with a rare face. In 2010, Huqong came to the news. In the media, this child is also called ‘Mask Boy’. The doctors fixed Huqang’s face with two surgeries. But they say that 10 years of waiting to see if Huqang’s bones are growing properly.

Elephant legs

There are around a dozen people all over the world who have been victims of diseases known as epinephrines for hundreds of years. China’s Wang Chen is one of them. This disease is caused by mosquito bites. Cheng was suffering from this disease since the age of 6. But later, this young girl’s operation was done in Taiwan and she became normal.

Three hands

sually a person has two hands. But GG of China was born with three hands. But when he was two months, his hand was cut and operated. The rest of the G-G will require physical therapy for a long time.

See how nose is on the head.

Nose on forehead

We all know that the nose is above the forehead and on the lips. But Xiaolian’s nose in China is on the forehead. Actually, he had a car accident. In this accident, his nose was very poorly drained. So the doctor raised the nose with the help of tissue on his forehead.

Ears in hand

This Mr. and the car accidents happened, causing damage to his ear. That’s why the doctor made an ear in his hand.

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