The 16 storey hotel below the world’s first soil!


    How many things are created in the world for the benefit of modern science technology. Now the construction of the 16-story hotel in the ground and its 2-storied soil on the ground in China. Take a look at the 18-storey hotel pictures.

    The hotel name is ‘Tianma Peat Hotel’. Its international contact is in the ‘Inter Continental Shanghai Wanderende Hotel’.

    This 18-storey hotel has 16 straps under the ground. It is known that this hotel will be inaugurated this month.

    This hotel was built in the uninhabited Shanking Query area, just 14 kilometers away from China’s Shanghai.

    It took almost 10 years to build this hotel. And about 5000 architects worked to create this ‘wonder’.

    An artificial waterfall has been made in the center of the hotel, with its pool of water going straight up and down.

    The two floors below the hotel were made under the water table. Outside of these rooms, it seems to be a huge aquarium.

    Electricity used in this hotel is made from solar and geo thermal power.

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