That game teaches to rape, Do not play this game – Watch the video


That game teaches rape. Do not forget this game. When there is a maternity rape around. There is a rape after another. In the meantime, a developer has created games with rape. The rape that is taught in the game is rape. The main task of this game is to rape you

You have to go up one level. In spite of the fact, this game has become very popular in the youth society. Due to which indirectly rape is increasing in society in the society day by day. If you watch the video you will be amazed.

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The video is below the post. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the video.

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Police called the girl in the police station and raped the girl

The role of ‘Bhaksake’ was seen in the role of those who played the most role in preventing rape. Police raided the police station instead of rape, but raped a young woman in the headlines. This incident happened recently in the police quarter of Hajo police station in Kamrup district of Assam, India.

Police officer Biddkumar Das has already been arrested on charges of raping a young woman in the police quarters, according to police sources.

Kamrup District Superintendent of Police said police will take strict action against detained police officers. Police have already conducted a medical examination of the victim to begin the investigation of the incident. Initial reports of rape have been found in the medical report.

Meanwhile, the serious allegation of rape against the police officer has been strongly condemned by the Asam government. The police officer has been asked to file a case against him in a strict order.

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