terrible explosions in Ukraine!


A bomb blast happened in a grenadier depot 176 kilometers east of Ukraine’s capital Kiev. Local officials confirmed on Tuesday that a missile bomb exploded in the defense ministry.

After the accident, about 10 thousand people were evacuated. Air movement has been stopped by the area. All roads and gates have been closed in the area of ​​20 kilometers near the blast.

No casualties were reported yet. It is being investigated by accident or sabotage. The explosion occurred at 4pm on Tuesday morning.

All types of services like roads, railways, airports have been stopped. Emergency status has been issued in Kyiv region of Ukraine The Russian separatists’ hands have been behind this incident, police say. Earlier, in 2014, they had similar explosions.

Last year, an explosion took place in an army depot in the Bhindhardhia area. The area is located 270 kilometers west of Kiev. At that time, the authorities were forced to withdraw 24 thousand people.

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