television Real Madrid club telete!

television Real Madrid club telete!

Spain’s San Diego Bernabeu Stadium has set up television in their toilets. The Spanish giant club Real Madrid has done the first thing, according to international media sources. However, this television will be available only in men’s toilet.

But it was not known that this was done to show field matches. Only the ads will be shown on the stadium’s toilet TV. A Swiss company named ‘Swiss Invent’ has prepared a TV for toilets.

Another stadium in Spain, such a TV has already been installed in Bootarki. And the advertisements shown on the advertisements attracted the amount of income from other clubs in the country.

The study says that an average man spent 30 seconds on the stadium toilet. And then they take full notice of these television ads. As a result, the number of buyers has increased slightly.

In fact, water is wasted in about 100 percent of the most sophisticated project. It is learned that after Real Madrid, another club in Spain, Betties Sevilla, is thinking of establishing this technology.

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