Take the child to the operation another name of is silently death


Another name is silent death – a nurse (sister) is working as a doctor of cross medical medicine! Last month she had a son with her furry son.

I questioned him that many children in the cesarea took the heli operation in the world, now a doctor of your Caesar?

Responding to the answer, the prepayment was taken for normal delivery. Because! If a child is born in Caesar, the second woman, the third time, the risk of being a mother is 90.7%.

Often, a child’s body knife, organs are damaged by the body organs of the body, which does not tell anyone in our country. Every pregnant mother in the greed of money has been called E since the medical checkup, otherwise she should take the baby in the cage otherwise! The threat of death is threatened.

The UN Health Organization, the WHO, says that 15% of the girls in a country can not be alone if they take a child in the normal process, then they must be caesar.

In my country, the current cigarettes are 97.3% which is risky for women’s health. To take the baby in this age of cigarettes, as the mother dies, most of the time it is also the loss that the new born baby

The children who are very ill with caesarean look a little bit, which is normal children are not too much. Every year, 27.9% of our mothers and children in our country die from being children.

In addition to this, blood pressure is also available for patients in the Caesar operation. E-10-15 bags, in which two bags of big strength are sold using the blood and others are sold.

Social status has taken a baby in the cigarettes! The woman who is destroying the current female body is silent, the doctors know everything, but to keep the hospital’s owner happy and to strengthen their own economies, women’s stomach worn business.

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