Switching on the road to the car, it will start flying …


The world’s first flying car is coming in the market. The car’s manufacturer Terrafuzia said the car would be marketed for sale from next month. It will be possible to change the speed of running this hybrid-electric car with two passengers.

That means that when the car is on the road, it will start flying on the switch. This will take less than two minutes. The car capable of moving from the plane to the height of 10,000 feet is coming in the market, the company said.

This car is being manufactured by world famous car maker Walvo’s partner company Terrafuzia According to them, the car can run up to 640 kilometers at a time and its maximum speed will be 160 kilometers per hour.

According to China’s state news agency Xinhua, the price of the car is still not determined, but the first model of the car will start selling in October this year.

It has been said by the company that the car will be modernized recently. The hybrid-electric motors and the number of seats are also being added to the vehicle in a new way. The car will also have luggage storage, seat belt and airbag. Besides the Boost Mood, the back camera and the new parasut system According to Boost Mood, the car will be able to navigate with flying power more and more.

In 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration recognized the car as a light sports aircraft. The car has also passed the National Highway and Traffic Safety Standard; However, if you want to run the car, customers will need a license as a pilot. The company believes the car will be very useful for pilot movement, because they can take the car at a small airport and go straight to the house.

The car will have several parts folded and weighing 1300 pounds. There will also be a specific gear for landing the car. This flying car can fly up to a maximum height of 10,000 feet. Because the computer is controlled, the passengers will be able to land on their destination computer according to which the car will land. No airport will be required for landing. It can move on any road or highway.

Chris Jaran, chief executive officer of the building’s construction company, said the new technology will give us the opportunity to experiment and test new products.

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