suicide attack in Somalia, death 17


Suicide car strike in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu killed at least 17 people The attacks occurred in a hotel near the headquarters of the Crime Investigation Agency located in Mogadishu on Friday. According to police, the number of people killed could rise further, reports Reuters.

After two successive attacks in the Shafi hotel, the guards and investigators started firing. Eyewitnesses say that after half an hour of the attack, the third attack on the busy city of the city, terrorists attacked the terrorists.

Ali Nur, a senior police officer, said, “We have yet to know that 17 people have been killed in the attack. All of the dead were being transported to the front of the hotel. The casualties occurred when terrorists bombarded and fired. I am sure the number of deaths will increase further. ‘

A Reuters photographer at the scene saw 20 bodies to be removed. In addition, several minibuses, motorbikes and private cars have seen some burns in the fire, according to Reuters reports.

Until now, no terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack. But al-Shabaab militants linked to al Qaeda are regularly attacking the Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

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