Suddenly on the audience angry Bollywood preity?


Suddenly on the audience angry Bollywood preity?

Entertainment: Kings XI Punjab match matches, at the VIP gallery, Preity Zinta is seen. The camera turns out to be its smiling face. The lively face of Bollywood Laalana is also a delightful entertainment for many. But recently it has been reversed as Punjab Malkin. The beautiful girl was seen as angry and angry.

The match against the Chennai Super Kings on April 15 was Punjab. Naturally Mohite Gallery adorns Preity. At the same time, the heroic actress got involved in a debate with the audience. However, the reason is not known immediately. Later, close friends told that he had never seen him so excited before. What happened suddenly?

Opening the matter is Preeti itself. After tweeting, he said that the strength of two children was stopped in the crowd. They were crying. I request the audience to give them some space. It had to play a little throat.

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