Stephen Hawking’s chair was sold

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest physicists of modern times, He is the father of the black hole or the black hole, the most common concept of the existence and nature of the universe. Although the world’s famous scientists have a short list, his name will be at the top. This year, the great scientist said that the world was farewell. However, many manuscripts of the valuable scientific papers of science have left. But the wheelchair that was his life partner before he died was sold at auction yesterday.

Many things, including the wheelchair, some of his belongings, letters, and manuscripts of the research paper that were taken in the auction on Thursday. If the auction is sold then it has been sold at a very good price. A wheelchair driven motorcycle used in the online auction organized by British auctioneer Christi, multiple manuscripts of multiple articles and several medals were sold. Also auctioned, a sign of his signature and fingerprint ‘A Brief History of Time’ and a 1965 paper.

The Wheelchair used by Hawking was sold at rupees 2.44 caror . Besides, his work, ‘Property of Expanding Universes’, a paper that was sold for 5 crore 54 lakhs and 6  laks rupees, written by him about the film ‘The Simpsons’ is a television serial screenplay. The book ‘A Brief History of Time’, signed by Hawking, was sold at rupees 65 lakh. The price of his medal rose to 1 crore 30 lakh.

Some of his important papers were also auctioned. Among them, there was a document written by Sir Isaac Newton, a bank loan document, a letter written by Charles Darwin and a written opinion of Albert Einstein about Newton.

Newton’s signed document has been sold at rupees 5.32 laks. And Darwin’s letters were sold at rupees1.4 laks Besides, the price of Einstein’s text went up to 1 crore 30 lakh rupees.

It is known that all these were sold very fast at the auction. The total value of these auctioned items is more than 18  laks pounds. The amount of Bangladeshi money was about 20 crore rupees.

The auctioning agency said that a large portion of the money raised from the auction will be handed over to the Hawking family. Wheelchair sales will be given to the Stephen Hawking Foundation and Motor Neuron Gidis Association. Stephen Hawking was the life-long wheelchair in this motor neuron disease.

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