Sonam in the party Adventurous photos, ZOOM can understand


Sonam Kapoor’s Anushtania – Aniltania, Sonam Kapoor He made his debut in Bollywood with ‘Saawariya’. But even after walking in Bollywood, he kept the image of his own good girl Sonam Kapoor.

She was reluctant to play in open clothes or any intimate scene. But later she came out of the image of this good girl.

For the first time, she was seen in front of the camera in ‘Biwakufiyan’ after a bikini. In addition to wearing a bikini, a kiss scene in the film is seen to her. But it’s an old news, the latest news is that Sonam has been seen in a recent ceremony.

The clothes she wore at this event were almost entirely understood by Clevez. Feel free to say that he came in front of everyone. He did not have any questions.

Because this is why Sonam wanted to present herself. After this dress, Bollywood’s good girl looked like a bad girl.

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