Some natural foods that increase sexual power. Regular play can understand itself.


As the age of women decreases the sexual power, as well as the men’s sexual energy decreases. Many forty-five men suffer from their ability to physically satisfy their partner.

Hormonal treatment of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is one of the ways in which modern methods of recovery of men’s aborted sexual power.

But this treatment is quite expensive. Ayurvedic Scripture can give some simple domestic techniques to keep men’s sexual power relatively low.

A study published by the Ayurvedic Research and Treatment Association has been given that some of the foods which are used regularly help in maintaining the sexual power of men in a natural way. What kind of food they are? Come on, know.

1. Amalaki: Vitamin C, iron and zinc are available in raw amaloki. They help in raising the number of sperm as they help, as well as the power of love for the bed. Besides, amloki is unique in increasing sexual demand.

2. Dried fruits: Dried fruits such as almonds, walnuts, raisins, or pistachios, not only improve your overall health, but also increase blood and performance in the body. Eventually, men’s sexual needs and sexual power increase.

3. Vitamin D: Vitamin D is rich in foods like oiled fish, cheeses or eggs. Vitamin D helps in increasing testosterone.

4. Nuts: Arginine-rich amino acids, which help in increasing testosterone levels in the nut. Ultimately, sexual desire and echoes increase in men’s bodies.-stay

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