Some couplation Location’ which protects women from pregnancy …


Some couplation Location’ which protects women from pregnancy …

Some ‘cuplation’s location – everyone in the world is busy at their workplace and because of this, no one wants to give birth to a child earlier. Everyone is engaged in this career in the world, and this is why women do not want to give birth before they are born.

They believe that we should not be fooled to give birth to a child until we try to improve our children’s education and their future.

But every woman and man is frightened if they do not want their child to be born, because anything can happen to sexual intercourse. Today we are going to tell you some of the places that can reduce the risk of getting pregnant.

If the husband and wife remember these positions, then the fear of being pregnant will be less. Let’s know about these locations.

Use of condoms

When using condoms during sexual intercourse, the fear of being pregnant women is not the same. It is especially applicable to men, if he wants that his wife is not pregnant, then he can use condoms.

Some believe that condoms have an effect on sexual intercourse, so let’s say something that is so today that husbands can enjoy sex without using condoms.

69 Oral Positions

If you do not want to be pregnant for a long time, this location will be the best and convenient for you. At this position, both partners can enjoy the pleasure of sexual intercourse at the same time.

Women in the top position

This position is very good, in this position the female is on the male. If a woman wants to stay pregnant, women are less likely to get pregnant if they have sexual intercourse. Sperm fluid decreases because of the presence of female males in this position, and therefore there is less risk of getting pregnant.

Lotus position

Men’s position is the most preferred. Because the women in this top position sit on the men and both partners come closer to each other and enjoy physical union. In this condition, the sperm flows outwards, thereby reducing the probability of being pregnant.

Position on the lap

This is the best place for both men and women. Because in this position, the woman has to stay in the lap of men. If the sexual intercourse takes place in the lobe, the sperm is outwards and thus the fear of becoming pregnant is less.

Stand and hold position

This is a very good position, the woman is standing and her back stuck towards the wall. Due to this position, the risk of pregnancy of a woman is very low because the sperm comes outwards at this position. You can enjoy this pleasure in your sexual intercourse and the fear of being pregnant is less.

Sexual intercourse with doctor’s advice

If a woman is to be pregnant she can also consult her doctor. Doctors will say such positions that women and men can add one to their sexual intercourse without being afraid of each other.

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