Smell on your face? Remove the cloves by just 10 minutes, mouth stench


The smell of your face – we only know as the spice, many of them do not know very well about its quality. Of course, our country’s market is filled with fake cloak.

Extracts from cloves are extracted and sold only in the market as untidy spices, which are not beneficial for you nowadays.

There are some ways to identify the original cloves, as well as the original cloves have all the great benefits and uses. Let’s know, the witch knows the quality of this spice.

1. Toothache? Put some lapses in the affected area, thereby ensuring the pain of the toothache. If you notice, most of the toothpaste demands clotting. That’s the reason!

2. Knees pain on the knee, back or bone? Take some cloves. Tighten them lightly. Make a cloak of cloves in Kabul and put a cloth on it. When it is hot, bake it in the affected area with cloves-beneficial bundles. The pain will be reduced,

3. Mix honey with powdered cloves to remove nausea. Get comfort.

4. The problem of general cold or asthma, sinus, etc.; Cooking a cup of lax tea in the day will relieve the disease. Cloves will make tea in the water, just as the ginger is made of tea.

5. Is the head ache? Put a few drops of cloves of oil on a cloth or tissue on the forehead. Leave it for 15 minutes. Reduces headache.

6. Cloves are comparable to eliminate facial stains. You will breathe in chewing gum with some mouthfuls.

7. Feeling tremendous stress and anxiety? Take a piece of cloves and suck it with a sour. You can drink cloves. Mood will become furfure.

8. Take cloves to remove acne. Mix fresh cloves powders with a little honey and keep them on the acne. Acne will be removed.

9. Using clove oil mixed with your regular oil will reduce hair loss and increase hair density.

10. Pregnant mothers can suck cloves to remove morning sickness. If you do not like cloves, you can mix a little molasses. Feeling very relaxed in the morning

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