Small children drown in snow (video)

Small children drown in snow (video)

The baby was in the lap of the father. He was enjoying the atmosphere of ice in the snow. Suddenly, the father left his little boy in the snow, in the snow. The child was drowned in the moment and the child was drowned. New York incident Adam Frisbee took the little baby out in the lap to enjoy the first snowfall of the year.

Road is covered with snow in 20-inch snow. At the time of the game, the boy left the boy on the snow. At the moment, the child went down in the snow.

My father has understood the mistake in a while. He was able to quickly rescue the child. Last month he himself posted on Twitter. Later, when someone posted a video on Facebook, it became viral.

On this internet, many people have enjoyed this strange tandem as fun. However, some have requested everyone to refrain from such activities. Even though children are not toys!


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