Six strange jobs in the world!


Six strange jobs in the world – work to survive – that’s normal. People are able to choose different occupations in their own way.

But when you hear that there are many jobs in the world that you will never want to do. The blogosphere has been described as something strange about the world. Let’s take a look at what jobs are really bizarre-

1. Hired lover’s job

Do you have any boyfriend Boyfriend can rent if not. All the lucrative advertisements, including pictures and fare, are visible on the internet. But this is not an illegal act.

Lovers are hired in countries such as Japan, China, America, Europe, South Africa and it is legal in those countries. Where the boyfriend is rented for money. The profession is really strange, is not it?

2. Pets Food Tester

It is astonishing to think that there are many countries in the world where food for dogs and cats is prepared before eating food. The companies in America, England, France and other countries put people in the job as a livestock food tester.

The dogs / cats will not like the food after watching the test after they have been prepared. They have been tested properly and whether they are healthy or not. Think once, if someone offers you this job, will you agree?

3. Deodorant Tester

You are either using new fragrances every day. But have ever wondered how this perfume tester is doing daily how he feels. This is a very bizarre career.

The people of this profession have to scrutinize the odor of the deodorant of another’s body throughout the day. These are the ones that will be best for you. So it can be said that it is not possible for somebody to do this job without much patience.

4. Professional Pushar

Once you think about it, you are standing somewhere and some are pushing you down. Have you thought about how bad the mood of someone is doing? But this shocking job is the profession of somebody.

During the rush of railway stations in Japan and Neuerec City, professional pushhers pushed the people inside the train into the crowd. Earlier it was part time job for the students. Now it’s a full time job as many people choose.

5. Vomiting job

There are several types of rides in different schoolchairs. Despite the panic, these riders can not cope with the temptation of many. In the meantime, there are some rides that there are few people who do not have vomiting. They have no more thoughts.

Vomit It will be astonished that some people are earning their living by cleaning those vomiting. They were kept only for cleaning the vomiting of the park. And they do the job without any discomfort.

6. Water slide tester

Going to the Water Kingdom, enjoying hours in the water. Competing with friends on the water slides down and down. Do not face any kind of accidents.

This is because of the water slide tester. The water slide tester has already tested the slides before risking your life to keep you healthy. It is their responsibility to see if there is any possibility of any kind of accident on this slide.

If you see the color of the passport no region!

Passport is a document used to travel to other countries of another country. This book tells you a lot about yourself while traveling abroad. Generally, a person is a resident of a particular country because of your security, the internal rules of the country, and the birth certificate.

As a result, people of any country should not be able to migrate to other countries, and they will also have to visit a passport, if traveling only on travel or other necessary activities. This is basically your identity.

The most interesting thing is that there are a lot of ideas about you even when you see the small colors of this book. Specifically the color of the passport that tells you which country or region has come from. Generally people are more familiar with passports with green cover.

Many people think that the passports of all the people of the country are one color. But the color of this passport is different from the country and the sub-continent.

The color of the passport reveals multinational information about that country, even if there is no stereotype of any country in which there is a color. One country carries its own culture, politics, beliefs, ideas and ideas.

Although there is no international policy regarding the color of the passport. Nevertheless, each country or region uses colors in passports based on their culture, politics, religious beliefs, etc. British passport maker De La Rou said.

According to the organization, Islamic countries use green passports in line with their religion. Members of the Economic Community of West African States also use green passports.

European Union countries prefer to use a little reddish passport. Countries that want to be a member of the European Union using similar passports, such as Turkey

On the other hand, the color of the United States passport is different. Although the country spreads green and different colors in the later half of the twentieth century. It was finally placed in blue color in 1976.

According to the Economist, the American flag matches the blue color. Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, many Caribbean and South American nationals also carry blue passports.

Besides, the passport color of the Swedish citizen’s pink, Swiss bright red, Singapore’s passport color has bright orange / red cover. Canada’s temporary passport book has white cover.

Norway’s smooth new passports are white, turquoise or red. The Muslim country’s passport is green with Morocco, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. And Indian passports are deep blue.

On the other hand, the UN passport light blue. Combined with the color of the helmets of UN peacekeepers, their passport color has been kept blue.

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