Shoes will be directed by the smartphone


These shoes can now be controlled with a hands-on smartphone.

Nike brings new sports shoe with smart phone control

There is a ribbon in this new shoes, but after wearing the shoes you will not have to bend the buckle! These shoes will adjust to your position. That means playing the same time, walking again or simply sitting, knowing the position, change the shoes themselves.

Nike’s new sports shoe is Shelf Leasing. Technology is called ‘power lease’

The key to controlling it will be in your handset smartphone. Pressing the phone button allows you to loose or tighten the buckle.

The shoes were originally designed for basketball players, said the agency.

How will shoes fit during walk, play or running, will also be processed.

Nike said that their shoes were charged. There will be a rechargeable matte for every pair, which can be found free to buy shoes.

But not just basketball, but other sports shoe has started thinking of using such technology Nike

This is not the first time, before that Nike has researched the use of technology in shoes.

In 1989, Michael J Fox starred in the Hollywood film ‘Back to the Future Part Two’. Inspired by the pictures, Nike was not able to find the limited edition of ‘Self-Tilling Stu’ in 2016.

Nike’s new self-leasing will be sold in the US initially, said the agency. The price is 350 USD. Indian currency whose price is about 24990 rupees.

Nike plans to bring the shoes to the world market on February 17.

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