She fainted after heading that she has become Best beauty


The best beauty champion has won. Miss Paraguay became unconscious on stage. In the dream of Bukwabera she named the beautiful competition. He has been selected as the best player behind thousands of competitors.

Paraguay’s beautiful Clara Sasa could not hold herself after listening to her name as the best woman. He fell down on the stage with great emotion. The video of this incident is now viral in the social media.

In the video, Clara, holding the runners up Meenakshi Chowdhury at the time of the announcement of the prize in the final, As soon as the name was announced, Sasa was relieved. He fell down on the ground. Even Meenakshi could not stop him.

But after a while it became normal again. He laughs and accepts everyone’s salute.

Clara Sassa won the Miss Grand International title in 2018. But this is the first world-class title to win this Paraguay.

Watch the video at the moment of being the best beauty:

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