Shah Rukh’s’ Chak De! India You will be surprised if you watch Glamorous look after 11 years of this actress’ India movie …


Shah Rukh’s’ Chak De! India You will be surprised if you watch Glamorous look after 11 years of this actress’ India movie …

Shah Rukh’s’ Chak De! India ‘movie – King Khan or Shahrukh Khan of Bollywood have made several films, but some of his films were so valuable to his fans and for Shah Rukh Khan himself.

‘Chak De India’ is one of those films of Shah Rukh. Yes! You must remember the movie ‘Chak De India’ in 2007. Shah Rukh played the role of the hockey coach in this movie and his film proved to be a super hit in the box office.

Over time Shahrukh looks more handsome. But do you ever think that the girls in Shah Rukh Khan’s group have had a look at ‘Chak De India’? Not everyone, but today we are going to talk about Shahrukh’s most naughty student, Kamal Chautala.

The softness has changed a lot in the 11 years since 2007, and it has become more bold and glamorous than ever before. So let’s see.

Kamal Chautala

‘Chak De India’, Shah Rukh’s hockey team is the smallest and naughty girl in the role of actor Kamal Chautala’s real name is Pankshi Rawat.

In 2007, he came to Bollywood

Chitrasi Rawat made his debut in the film industry at the age of 18 from Chak De India. In this film, he played the role of heroianvie girl.

Change the whole look

The image of the hockey player from the state, ‘Chak De India’, is as simple as the painter, 11 years later he needs the same glamorous.

Glamor Style

We know that you can not believe in seeing this painting picture. Who knew that the girl acting in the role of Hariwani girl could be so attractive?

Shooms and shortcuts

After Chak De India, Shanti appeared in Shamu and ‘Lucky’ in ‘Fashion’ as a shortcut.

Worked on many movies

He has also been seen acting in films such as ‘Tere Nal Lob Ho Gaya’, ‘Blake Home’, ‘Yeh Duniya’.

Jouualamukhi Chautala

Often seen in the critically portrayed TV serial FIR, he was seen comedy in the role of Jawlamukhi.

Glamorus avatar

Anyone who can look at this beauty of painting? Friends, right?

Highly active in social media

Chitriti is very active in social media and she often shares her photos with fans by posting her photo.

Honored in the prize

She has been given the Best Supporting Actress Star Screen Award for her performance in ‘Chak De India’.

What is the Lead Roll?

There is a lot of crazy to see the painting of the painter, and now after seeing this picture it will be very fond of its beauty.

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