Sex without condom will not be child! How to know ..


Sex without condom will not be child! How to know ..

Regardless of sexual intercourse, it can be controlled completely, without the use of medicines, or condoms, without the modern method of birth control.

To make birth control, everyone rely on contraceptive tablets or condoms. If the rules are well known then it does not need to go to a doctor.

The monthly menstrual cycle of the girls is predetermined. There is a few days, which is called a safe day or safety period. These days there are no risks of pregnancy, but having sexual intercourse.

On these days, the wife’s child will not be able to get married due to husband and wife. These safe days are nature specific. So this is called natural family planning method.

Medical experts often call it calendar method. To implement this procedure, you must know the safe day of your wife’s menstrual cycle.

For this method, first of all, should know if the menstrual cycle is regular. How long it is in the heart. The number of days after which the lowest is to be 18 days apart.

This is the first unsafe day since the first day of the start of the period. Again, the maximum number of consecutive periods, excluding 10 days from the first day of the month, is the last unsafe day.

Suppose your spouse is in the 28 to 30 days monthly. Then (28-18) = 10, that is, the first 9 days since the start of the month is safe for you, these days you can be confused without any other method. Since the 10th day is unsafe day, so on 10th day, mating should be restrained. Again, 30 days is the longest monthly cycle.

So (30-10) = 20, that is the last unsafe day for you on the 20th day. From the 21st day you will be able to mingle again. There is no possibility of childbirth. But in this example only 10 to 20 days, you have the possibility to get pregnant with your unborn baby.

As mentioned above, many may find it complicated. However, it is very easy to calculate, it is safe to interact with uneded 7 days before the start of the month and 7 days before the start of the menstrual cycle. I mean, there is no chance that the child will be pregnant if you reconciate this time. This method is not effective in knowing if it is good irregularly monthly.

Besides, the normal birth control is 80% safe, or 80 percent of its success rate. Usually, this procedure may fail due to rancidity as a monthly, taking the chance of getting or taking risks on an unsafe day, due to irregular menstrual periods. Therefore, knowing the correct calculation will be wise for the first time to find a doctor.

Some male sperms have more life expectancy, but they can not achieve success. In that case, it is necessary to increase the two days on the unsafe day. Many of them say programmed sex.

Many people doubt this, but once they get accustomed to this method it is much easier and comfortable. The most important thing is that there is no side effect in it.

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Special methods of using blackjira to increase the power of sex and disease prevention

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