Seeing 17 great pictures, you will laugh with shame, the image of 8 is deadly …

Funny fashion

When we figure that out later that consultation, a more intimate way I dress or what is better than no color good. We do not want to judge anything, but it feels great to see their reaction.

Comparing it is very common to us.

Radio Bangla brought such a strange comparison to you. But thanks to those who have left these beautiful pictures at the right time, they have left the internet.

We brought together several pictures together, which are eye-catching. And I’m sure you can not stop smoking after watching them.

Let’s see.

1. Teacher Highlighting Pen?

Funny fashion

However … this baby’s Bahaduri salam, comparisons to choose the right time and the right things to take this picture.

2. Modern Granny!

Funny fashion

There is a grandma on the floor, can you see him?

3. These are not shopping bags ……?

Funny fashion

When the police are searching for you! But you too cute!

4. This woman is a hotel corridor?

Funny fashion

No one is good, no one is bad Both complement each other

5. This man is not the floor?

Funny fashion

When you are roughly the same as the floor.

6. This woman is Homer’s Seepsson?

Funny fashion

Looks like this woman forced her to do this?

7. Heidi clam does not clean the car brass?

Funny fashion

A hammer for the designer’s diktor deserve.

8. The baby is not Justin Bieber?

Funny fashion

I do not want to show a finger, but one looks very sweet but the other who … ..and whether or not I said, you really can understand.

9. Isabella Trump not this foil?

Funny fashion

Yes it is right that it keeps the food hot and fresh! But the Ivanka Trump looks like a more delicious.

10. Do Donald Trump This Corn?

Funny fashion

Dolly Trump is certainly the best! But the comparison of the two is logical?

11. Small Wayne E.T?

Funny fashion

Hahaha! Could anyone have liked to think that someday?

12. Kim Kardasian or Danny DeVito?

Funny fashion

Umm … no one is not!

13. Lady Gaga, this outer compound heater?

Funny fashion

We have to believe that Lady Gaga is great for replicating.

14. Kim Kardasian not this Piaz thole?

Funny fashion

I think Kim Kardasian will be well-versed in this competition.

15. Justin Bieber is not this sandwich?

Funny fashion

Keep aside for a while, say, why did you just wear such a dress Justin Bieber?

16. Nikki minas not the hemans?

Funny fashion

Both of them will admit as well as couples. Heiman and Nikki, what do you think?

17. Lil Wayne Na Gramilin?

Funny fashion

I think that Gremlin is very sweet here.

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