See what the two girls are doing, can not believe if you do not see it …


See if you see the two girls walking around in the park, you will not be surprised to see that the girls are like this, a nice kiss is a kiss, and one of the two starts kissing and it is very deep watching this video.

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Aishwarya Rai college’s girlfriend revealed what she had done in her life in college …

College Girlfriend- “Mere khayalon ki malika, chaaro taraf teri chaiyaan re.”

Any guess what I’m talking about on this line? This is definitely the other one except Ex-Miss Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. This wonderful line adds another dimension to her beauty, and it would not be wrong to say that she trembled the hearts of many Indians by her form.

Recently, an article published by Rediff has been published which everyone would want to read because it showed some unexpected events about the actress which her fans would certainly love to know. Whether his college life or his mother’s life, we have always seen Aishwarya play a perfect role.

We all do strange things and become fools to others, the richness that is one of the most beautiful women in the world, he is not even removed. Read the complete article to get a glimpse of her that she shared with her friends and close friends.

Aishwarya’s classmate said, let’s read …

In one essay, Shibani, a friend of Aishwarya said, “I studied for a year in the science department of Mumbai’s Jaihind College. Later, Aishwarya joined college, she initially joined KC College.

Who C College was near my college, boys drawn by her beauty in college, came to our college gate! ”
Do you know how he came to college?

Shivani said that they (Aishwarya and Shivani) used to go to the college through the train and then walk a few miles to reach their destination.

Want to know how he entered the modeling world?

This act of Aishwarya is like me …

Aishwarya had a large group of friendships, they entered the room just before the start of the class. He usually sat on the last bench.

In this way he entered modeling.

Basically, it was his physics teacher who encouraged Aishwarya to participate in college magazines. In this way everything starts for him.

In the next film, I would say something that many of us do not know.
Still, none of us know anything about this.

Even after being a backbench, he used to sit at the first seat in physics class because he wanted to influence his lecturer.
However, it is expected!

She was very absorbed and was a good student too. His beauty fascinated everyone and soon proved that he is the most beautiful girl in the world.

Now, we were listening to the version of the Shiva in the whole story, but I am more hungry and hungry for more information. Do not you? Let’s discuss some more things about the life of Aish.

Did you know he lost a prestigious beauty pageant? Read more to learn more.
Do you know about his dream livelihood?

According to the Times of India, Aishwarya always wanted to take her career towards architecture. But, modeling came in his life and we got this beauty. We are glad that it happened.

Did you know he lost a major prize?

You saw Aishwarya win the title of Miss World, but did you know that she lost the title of Miss India from Sushmita Sen, who then won Miss Universe title.
She was the first celebrity to appear on this show.

Its the first Bollywood celebrity to be invited as guest at Oprah Winfrey Show.
She is the second Bollywood celebrity whose idol is placed.

The second Bollywood celebrity kept his wax statue in Tussaud’s wax museum in Madame, Madame, London.

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