See what the girls is doing in the street, Seeing you will fly your senses


Seeing what she did in the street, everyone could not prevent her smile and see the hair of her hair, they just planted it, they just made new chairman on YouTube to punish Punk and they give fun to people, You will not be able to prevent your smile when you see the whole video. It is a ridiculous event that many people planted many plantation here and they have killed them.

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The palm of the left hand is actually what happens in the hairstyle

In the palms of the left palm-a thing in the society is common. Money is earned in the palm of the right hand. And the expenditure on the left palm hairs increases. But just the other thing, does Indian ecology say that there is no reason behind such a reform?

Local reform says that left hand scalding means leaving Lakshmi. In the case of sudden financial loss, theft, robbery or any other case may cost huge costs, this reforms fear. On the other hand, the right hand is held in the hair while the possibility of Laksmilabh. Suddenly, the acquisition of a close relatives, concealed in themselves and later forgotten money, etc. are thought to be happy.-The Indian media has published such news.

According to the reform, the above statement is applicable only to men. The case of girls is totally opposite. There is talk of money in the right hand and money in hand and left hand money.

But the other thing is to say the Indian ecology. According to this, itching of hands means the circulation of energy in the body. Left hands are an indirect organ of our body. If there is money, then he can not be considered bad. He can be called unwanted. According to Basu, there is the way to get rid of it in the hairstyle. In such cases, the hand should be rubbed on the wood. Unwanted energy causes the wood to be propagated. It can not do any harm to the body.

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