See this weird bird who flies as well as sleeps in sky

See this weird bird who flies as well as sleeps in sky

Strange bird – The bird’s name is Red-Breasted Bird. They put their red book in a strange form. The more weird their nature They were floating in the sky during the long walk, and I fell asleep. They do not have any problem flying in their own ‘autopilot mode’.

Scientists said that red-breasted fly could fly for two months. They take an average of 41 minutes on average every day. They gave the information about 14 red-breasted bird tests.

They drown in a very short period of time, every 12 seconds. Usually they spend half of the brain in this work.

Many times, however, they use both parts of the brain. Max Plank Institute for Ornithologist Nils Ratenborg of Germany said many people believe that their sleep is half the use of the brain.

Otherwise they will fall straight from the sky on the ground.

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It does not actually happen. They are completely sleepy and the sleep is uninterrupted. Adapting to the wind waves, while flying on their own, the short-range sleep swept through the birds, the birds would fall asleep.

Because the use of the wings does not happen the same way. The brain, which is attached with the eye, sets the direction of their journey. They are aware of this. But it is not always necessary to wake the brain.

Rattenberg also said that due to sleeping in this method, they do not have clashes during the time of their moving together. The special features of this bird have to be researched to keep themselves safe while sleeping.

Through this, it is possible to clean the sleeping complexes of humans, including other animals. But they can not do this while flying over the ocean. Because their fins are not water resistant. But while on the ground they sleep 12 hours a day.

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