See the condition of girl going to the wrestling game


See the condition of girl going to the wrestling game

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Little boys and girls are doing this at this age! Little boys and girls are doing this at this age! Little boys and girls are doing this at this age! Little boys and girls are doing this at this age!

The 15 wrong ideas that each of the boys have with girls!
All men think that he has fully understood the woman. In particular, every man, about his lover and wife, preserves some ideas which are totally wrong. There is a misunderstanding about these issues. But the truth is that it is not so easy to understand a woman’s mind. Men only know something wrong about girls and think. There are some misconceptions about this report.

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1) When a woman speaks well, men assume that she is interested in love with her. There can be no wrong idea. Girls, but know very well how to behave with decent people.

2) There is a bad name against the girls that they have excessive emotional emotions. Men forget, that is not the same as the emotional expression of everyone. There is nothing to joke about girls’ emotions being different than men.

3) A confident woman thinks that all men are “bad”. If men are not bad when they are self-confident, why should women be?

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4) For most successful women in their workplace, most men think that the girl has been promoted in beauty or in exchange for physical relations. But men do not even know that women have to work very hard to achieve equal success in men.

5) Girls can love the game, it is not that many men want to accept. They think that the girl is getting her mind or show-off.

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6) Men think that all girls are interested in sari, jewelry and cosmetics. And all the girls love to stay with them.

7) It is believed that girls are dressed up to show it to men. This is a very wrong idea. Girls usually and sometimes have themselves adjusted for themselves.

8) Men want to think about the commitment that the girl wants to get married right away. It is not a matter of many people who are convinced about the difference between the sky and the difference between marriage and marriage

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9) All men think that girls are looking for marriage. Marriage is the only purpose of life for all girls. It may not be so.

10) When a man gets dressed in attractive clothes, he assumes that the girl is interested in sex!

11) Having spent time with their friends without taking the time for the boyfriend or husband, the men took it that the girl’s mind was flying.

12) Nakhi girls do not become friendly when doing good jobs.

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13) If a woman has a male friend, most of the men hold him as a character.

14) Men are considered “bad” by themselves to a successful woman. It’s a weird ego of men.

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15) Girls want to be lean to be “sexy”, it is also the misconception of most men.


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