See, some serious accidents happen in the football field. Tears will come out


See, some serious accidents happen in the football field. Tears will flow: Football is one of the world’s most popular sports. Fans of football game around the world. Especially club football likes everyone. One of the wounded by football players

Normal matter But the wounded amount is sometimes so terrible that seeing your body fur. Many players have to face death many times in our entertainment. Watch as a video.

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The new epidemic in the world will die three million!
The deadly new disease is coming in the world. Which will spread in the form of epidemics in the country. 30 million people may die in 6 months before the overwhelming majority can understand the cause of the disease. And in the coming decade, it has been warned that the world’s richest man is sitting in the seat and is known as charitable Bill Gates.

The international media, The Independent, said in a report in the meeting on Friday (April 27th) in a discussion on the epidemic organized by the Massachusetts Medical Society and The New England Journal of Medicine.

Bill Gates reminded everyone and warned them, “We are liberating children from all over the world, and we are doing good things like polio and malaria.” But there is a field where the world could not move much.

This is the preparation for epidemic. The fear of the outbreak of such a disease will continue. With the increase in world population and human society advancing towards the wild environment, new germs are always emerging.

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