See, no one can win this bike competition yet, This is the most difficult competition, do not forget to watch the video


See if it can win a bike competition bike only if you ride on the water, but can not win the match on the horizon that the winner of the game is not winner. The game is very ridiculous, as busy as you can also watch the video.

This video is taken from youtube club, because it is deleted from a channel called Club Rashida, we will not take any responsibility on our channel. Our responsibility is to show you new viral content, we always see you see and enjoy it.

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Do not be surprised if you know the story of Kim’s shoe

If you know Kim’s shoes, Kim Jong Un North Korea has the highest capability. There was often a news of the media about the leader’s life, clothes, movement, food and drink. Kim’s shoes in the discussion at this time.

On April 27, at the local time, two Korean leaders arrived at the border at nine in the morning. South Korean President Moon Zayen joins hands with Kim Jong Un in South Korea. Two leaders hurled hands on journalists.

It is a historical fact that the Korean peninsula is for the whole world. But at the same time, many have looked at Kim for a different reason. That’s the height of Kim’s height.

The height of the kim is called five feet seven inches. His father’s height was five feet two inches. However, he used to remove the deficit after a few shifts.

Recently, during a visit to Kim South Korea, experts again questioned the height of the new experts. Because of this, they say that South Korean President’s height is five feet six inches But Kim was an inch short while meeting both of them. But in reality, he seems to be more shorter experts.

In the South Korean newspaper ‘The Chussan Ilbo’, 7 experts were appointed to investigate the matter. They watched Kim’s shoes and said, ‘Insole’ was used inside his shoes.

It has been increased to an inch in height. As a result, Kim’s height is five feet 4 inches in height, experts say.

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