See how the girl protested by naked…


See how the girl protested by naked…

Naked on the streets – The allegations of ‘casting cowch’ in the film industry are not new. Many actors have publicly expressed anger over sexual harassment many times before. Many people have opened their mouth against the ‘Me Too’ campaign.

However, this time, the casting actress ‘halfway’ on the street called ‘fervent protests’, the southern actress Shri Reddy In protest of ‘Casting Cowch’, in front of the office of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce in Hyderadabad, he opened the upper robe and demonstrated the southern hero, Shri Reddy.

The southern heroine claims, ‘The present casting factories are increasingly growing. Producers, directors of the actors who are going to be subjected to sexual redness. I want to protest this incident. ‘

However, in a short time after this incident, he was taken away by the police.

She complained that she had to be victimized several times if she wanted to work. In this case, Mr. Dutt has filed a complaint against many film directors, producers and  of the southern film industry. Her accusation has prompted many people to send objectionable pictures and videos.

Mr further complained that he has not been given any names in the name of the director, producers, he has been threatened.

However, before the actress Mr Reddy was involved in more than one controversial incident, Sometimes, drinking alcohol with problems with the police, and sometimes using bad news to journalists and sometimes there is a complaint against the social media for having bad comments.

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