See how cross fire is. Please do not see anyone with a weak heart. (Exclusive Video)


See how cross fire is. Please do not see anyone with a weak heart. (Exclusive Video) We all know about cross fire. A few days before the newspaper was open, there was no news of a cross fire. How and why cross fire is not open before all of us.

We can only see the picture and name of the person who has died in crossfire. Today there is a video where we can see a full hidden video of Cross Fire. Please do not see anyone with a weak heart.

Click below to view the cross fire video.

The video is below the post. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the video.

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The party’s claim is ‘Naveen selphi’, otherwise the threat of marriage can be canceled!

Not a gold in marriage, the demand is a nude selfie. However, Jitendra Ramakrishna, however, claimed that this was the case of the patriarch. At the end of the day, not the selfie, the handcuffs of the police grew up with the whole family. The incident happened in Mumbai city of Thane.

33 year old Jitendra’s marriage was just around his home. After getting married, Jitendra was demanding a cell phone from the bridegroom. However, it does not have to be as self-centered as it is, there should be nude cellphones. If the bride does not agree to the offer, then Jitendra sees the other way. Then he got up to 3 lakhs

Jitendra repeatedly told, that marriage only when his demands are fulfilled, otherwise marriage is not. Being annoyed with such behavior of the party, the bride has canceled her marriage. Not only that, they also complained about the pot and his family, asking for nude cellphones and pants. According to the complaint, police arrested Jitendra and his family members.

It is known that all the nude selfies were released from Jitendra’s trap. His goal was to reap the benefits of marriage and earn more money as a bargain. With the help of Selfi, he started the blackmail, because some people think.

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