Saudi beauty girl hot belly dance viral in the media…


The Saudi beauty girl’s hot belly dance viral in the media

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There is a compromise with the angry wife

Many men have to deal with excuse or sensation wife! If the wife is a little tense of mood, then there is no way. What is there to do, to make happiness in the world, this compromise will be a little bit more?

But women are always angry for no reason, but it is not. You also have some guilt. And there is no way to deny it, women’s anger is a little too much. But from now on, there is no need to lie to the angry wife. In some simple ways you can reduce your wife’s anger.

Some ways have been mentioned about how to handle the angry wife, in the Lifestyle section of the Boldsky website. You can take these suggestions once you want to:

If the wife is angry about any matter, think beforehand what the question she can do and how to answer them. This does not mean that you have to lie. A little decorated, it can be said, what is said?

If the mistake is yours, then accept your own fault beforehand. And sincerely apologize for that fault. You see, the wife is angry, but it will be very quick.

Do not apologize but forget about the social media wall, because the wife has been angry. Or do not send cards by expressing bouquet or sorrow in his office. In this, he may be in a more uncomfortable situation. Which will not reduce the anger, instead will increase the number of times.

If you are not mistaken, take occasional blame on your own shoulder! Tell me what to do? It is better to remain silent than to argue unnecessarily. Because, it is a big responsibility to take that relationship when both parties are equally angry.

If the wife is too angry, then learn to be patient. If your head is not cold, how to handle your wife? Not all people are equal in the world. Someone is angry, some are less. You are not able to write your own name in the book.

Let the wife stay alone for some time. If you are in front of him in anger, it will never decrease. So stay away from him at this time. After a while, try to explain everything to him when he gets angry.

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