Salman Khan lost his parents and brother, he cried in front of the media …


Salman Khan lost parents and brothers – Bollywood has lost many of its best actors last year. Not good in Bollywood in 2017. Hindi film industry lost its gems from the first month of the year, and then fell apart.

Salman Khan had a very bad time for the year 2017 in Bollywood. I know you might think I’m talking about Tubelight’s failure in his most studied film.

No, we did not come here to talk about the failure of the tubes, or the bomb blasts in Kabir Khan’s box office. Rather, we will say great sorrow here compared to Tubelight’s flop.

Not only in his professional life, he also brought sorrow to Salman’s personal life. Salman is known for his soft heart and caring nature. From Himes Reschemia to Suraj Pancholi, Salman Khan helped many to get place in Bollywood. He is a godfather and friend to many.

We have brought out a list of friends and loved ones of Salman Khan, who went on leaving Salman with sadness.

Rima Lagu

Legendary actress and stage artist Rima Latu died on May 18, 2017 due to heart disease. Rima got her first big opportunity to act in ‘Maine Peer Kiya’ which was Salman’s first step in Bollywood.

In this film, Rima plays the mother of Salman, who was also like Salman’s mother in real life. He acted as his mother in several films, which strengthened their relationship.

Vinod Khanna

Actor Vinod Khanna, who left the last breath on April 27 last year, was also well-versed in Salman Khan’s personal life. It is said that his lucky mascot was said to be Salman Vinod Khanna.

Binod Khanna played the role of father in every movie of Salman’s ‘Dabang’, and in his Wanted movie, he also became a father, and Salman used to see him in his personal life as his father. So the news of his death shocked Salman.

Indra Kumar

Indra Kumar died just a few months ago. Kumar was a good friend of Salman and he also had a co-actor. Not only on screen, Salman and Indra also shared a good relationship outside the screen.

Salman was always in good times and bad times. He firmly held the hand of Indra when he was passing through difficult times of life. 44-year-old actor Salman has worked in many successful films.

Om Puri

Om Puri’s leaving the earth can not be met again. This brilliant actor died in January last year. Tubalite’s last film, he died before the film’s shooting ended.

The last shot photo of Om Puri before the death.

He was very close to Salman and developed a good relationship with him. During the Tubal Trailer Launch, Salman was sad to see Om Puri in a scene. He admitted that he would always miss this great actor, who was also a great man.

Abbas Rizvi

Abbas Rizvi, a great Bollywood producer who died last year. Abbas was close friend of Salman. He died suddenly in Istanbul’s terrorist attacks, which caused Salman to shock.

Rajat Barshatya

Everyone knows well about Salman’s special relationship with Rajshree Productions. I doubt that Rajshree is not a film, where Salman did not take part. Rajshree Productions MD and CEO Rajat Barzatia died last year.

Rajat Suraj was a cakata brother of Barrata

Suraj’s grandfather’s brother worked a lot with Rajat Salman. Everybody knew Rajat and Salman’s friendship industry. During the funeral of Rajat, Salman could not cope with his sadness and cried in front of the media.

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