Robin Hood is getting released!


Robin Hood, a hero of the fairytale. His identity as a hero, as a friend of the poor. His popularity in English literature is skyscrapers. The popularity has reached the hands of TV serials worldwide. Her romantic travel story and heroic story came up in Rupali screen. Hollywood picture ‘Robin Hood’ is waiting for the release

This American film directed by Action and Adventure directed by Otto Bastust The film’s screenplay is written by Ben Chandler and David James. And the film’s productions include Hollywood’s popular actor Leonardo Di Caprio and Jennifer Davison. The banner of Epian Way Production House will be released on November 21 in different countries of the world.

In the 116-minute length of the movie, ‘Robin Hood’ is a screen reader, Tern Egarton. He will be with Jamie Fox, stars like Ben Mandelson.

Robin Hood fans worldwide are waiting for the film. It is hoped that the box office will be able to maintain heroism, the hero of the dream, Robin Hood.

It will be seen in the story, that Robin Hood with some brave robbers developed a group called ‘Marie Man’. With that team, he roamed the forests of the forest, embraced death, the terrible sea-sea. In those travel stories filled with romance, he used to loot the wealth of the rich and give them to the poor.

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