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One minute pocket teeth – Many people feel embarrassed due to social association due to yellow teeth. Those who have colored yellow color often suffer from inferiority. They are confident and even confident.

But how to whiten yellow tooth? Modern medical help can be taken. But in the same way it takes time to relieve the toothache, so the probability is that the cost of a huge amount of money will be spent.

The researchers of the Academy of Alternative Medicine and Research, Toronto, are giving a hint of a domestic strategy that can be easily wiped out in yellow yellow tooth.

Know what to do. Fill a quarter of a glass with vinegar. It is best if Apple Cedar vinegar can be used. Fill the rest with the drinking water.

Now add the mixture to the minute. Then brush your teeth with toothpaste in normal way. You should see the toothache has disappeared a lot.

Applying this strategy several days in advance will bring you incredible results.
But there are a few things you need to keep in mind when using this mixture-
First of all, do not mix the water directly with vinegar in no way.

Secondly, before using the vinegar bottle must shake.

Third, it is better not to apply this mixture more than once a day. Because vinegar extra applications harm your dental enamel.

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