Once a father came to the city to meet his son


Once a father came to the city to meet his son

With his son, once a father came to the city to meet his son. He found out that he had a very beautiful girl with his son.

At night when three people sat together at the dinner table, the father asked – Who is this girl with Tor?

The boy said, father, and my room partner, stay with me. . . I know what you think about it. But there is no relation between the two of us. Our two separate rooms, separate beds We both are just very good


Dad said – OK …

The next day the father went to his village ……… one week later …

The girl said to the boy -Oh, I did not find that plate on the last plate that your father did on dinner, I suspect your father took it.

The boy became angry and said – Shut up .. What’s the matter, are you calling my father a thief?

The girl said that – not But, once you ask your father, do not look, what objection to ask?

The boy said – OK, I will ask …

The next day the boy sent an e-mail to the father..I wrote it – I’m not saying that you have stolen our plate, or you’re not even saying that you did not take the plate … that means, if you accidentally took the plate, then return it Give because, that girl’s very favorite plate.

Yours truly,
Your son

My father’s reply came one hour later – I am not saying that room partner sleeps with Tor during the night and I am also not saying that the girl does not sleep with Tor during the night.

But if the girl could sleep in her own room, once in her own room once a week, she would get her plate under her pillow, because I left the plate hidden there.

Your father

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