Not a cow, This girl is a millionaire by selling her breast milk


Not a cow, This girl is a millionaire by selling her breast milk

By selling the breast milk – by building that faith, a woman of Cyprus made a wealth of resources. The British media Independent recently said in a report that Rafla LampRouu, the woman in Cyprus who had become a millionaire by selling breast milk in just seven months. Bodybuilders who bought it.

It is said in the report that Rafla Lampurou gave birth to a son seven months ago. After being a child, he was constantly breast-fed. However, it is also noticed that milk is being spoiled even after feeding the child.

So he should sell excess milk. However, he wanted to sell excess milk to other children. Mother’s breast milk is not made.

But to sell, Raffla is another experience. He found that exercise more than the mothers of the children is more interested in the milk of the heroes. In the beginning, some body builders went to buy breast milk near him.

They say that breast milk is the maximum effectiveness of muscle strength or the maximum. That is why breast milk is more like them than many types of supplementary supplements.

According to the demand, Raffla started selling breast milk in the packet. It is said in the report that in the meantime he has earned nearly 5 crore rupees.

The 24-year-old woman created a website for her to get the publicity so that she can get promotions. Mother of two children, Raffa, husband Alex, or a happy family, about the sale of milk.

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