North Korea has some unknown secret information that will be difficult to believe. With Video


North Korea has some unknown secret information that will be difficult to believe. North Korea is always at the top of the discussion for some of the strange things. One of the main reasons for this is its military-based caretaker-run government.

We can usually do the same things that we can do independently here. For example, the same design cut hair cut, jeans pants banned throughout the country. Again, there are some activities which are really eye-catching in our eyes. Seeing the video will be shocked.

Click below to view the video.

The video is below the post. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the video.

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Remove the odor of the body by 7 ways
During the working hours, buses, trams, metro rushing in the night, night’s nightmare! Bad smell! Many people have misconceptions, sweat causes odor in the body. But it is not!

The main cause of body odor (medical name bromhidrosis), bacteria. And in the summer of their time! How to prevent them? Find out some easy ways-

1) During the bath, clean the bowl by mixing vinegar in one mug water. 2) Mix some drops of water in the bath water or mix the spices. Diodorant works. 3) To remove stomach stools, wash the feet with a whole lotus mixture mixed with one mug of water.

4) Lavender, Peppermint and Pine Essential Oil eliminate stench. 5) Use antibacterial soap. 6) Take a glass of tomato juice every day. Tomato removes toxins from the body. 7) Rub a piece of potato on the arms, neck and feet.


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