No matter how much you love your dogs, Never all him to lick, It’s harmful


Do not love dogs – we know that when you kiss your beautiful sweet dog, you love it, but have you ever thought that its big, wet, slippery tongue could be dangerous for you?

If I tell you that it has some bad sides too?

No, I’m not saying that kissing Frodo will cause worm to your body, but this love and affection can be a danger for you.
The thing to question is if your dog’s face is more clean than human?

I tell you it’s a fiction. Your dog may not have a clean face. He plays with garbage and sometimes outside mall.

It’s not just that your dog spend most of his life outside of the road, no one out there. Their nose is bound to be full of bacteria and germs.

Therefore, the dog’s face is harmful and we are here to prove it to you.

This is a ring infection that occurs due to dog kisses. It is easily spread.

What is MRSA? This wound is completely infected by a little kiss on your cheeks.

Staphylococcus aureus is another deadly infection that is very dangerous to see. I do not know about you but I must avoid it.

It’s really bad. This caponiitata canimersas dog is caused by wounds in the wound.

Her legs were worse. I can not upload that picture here.
Will you let your dog lick more? Probably not



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