Melania opens mouth on trump woman scandal!


First Lady Melanie Trump stood next to US President Donald Trumpad in the face of criticism for the relationship and cheating of porn stars. The First Lady said that she loves President Trump and there are more important things to think about than the allegations of cheating with porn stars.

Melanie Trump has an interview with ABC News last week in Africa. He said people are spreading rumors about their married life.

“Melania said, I know the media and people like to spread rumors about our marriage. They are spreading this story. I understand that newspapers and magazines are selling rumors …. Unfortunately, we live in a world today. “However, she is not concerned about the allegations against her husband.

Before the US presidential election in 2016, many women have been accused of sex scandal against Donald Trump. At that time, porn star Stormy Daniel and former playboy model Karen McDowell said they had been involved with the trump several years ago.

But Daniel and McDowell rejected the allegations of physical relations with Douglas. Trump, however, admitted that the porn star had signed an agreement with Daniel Daniela to withdraw his face with a bribe of $ 30,000.

Trump usually does not talk about these issues. He was seen to be silent for most of the time. Responding to such a question from ABC News, Melania said, “Yes, I love her.” we are fine.

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