Meeting with Kim after midterm elections: Trump


US President Donald Trump said he will sit in the second round of the second round with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, after the mid-November election. The information was provided in a Washington Post report.

The report said that on the way to a political rally in the country’s Iowa state, Trump told journalists, “After the mid-term elections, the meeting will be held with Kim. It is not possible for me to leave the US anyway. ‘

Earlier on Tuesday morning, Trump said that various places were included in the list for the second round of the summit. Referring to his relationship with Kim, he said that they love each other very much.

Recently, US Secretary of State Mike Pampo held a meeting with Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang to hold a two-member meeting. They discussed the possible time and place of the discussion.

Note that North Korean leader Kim’s first meeting with the United States President Trump was on June 12 in Singapore. In that meeting, Kim promised to release the nuclear weapons to the Korean Peninsula.

After North Korea began the work of nuclear disarmament, due to the slowing of the talks with the United States, there was a deadlock. When Kim expressed interest in the top meeting again to speed up the disarmament, the trump responded.

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