Make the head down This photo of the sun burns, you will laugh at it with the # 7 image …


Make the head bad – all of our skin is a color. Someone farsighted, someone shyamaa and somebody else But most of the time our skin has two shadows. The difference between these colors, especially in the summer days, became evident.

You have seen that today’s girls are covering themselves completely. Girls know that one day the hands of two colors will be displayed when the dress of a shirt does not fall. If you want to change the color difference between hands and feet after the round-trip, you have to change the design of your own handcuffed little dress.

Due to tanning, only two colors of skin are not made. Rather, sometimes many shapes are formed. Everyone likes to go to the beach, but you will notice that after coming to Goa, the most tan after. Check out some interesting photos of this fun sunburn.


Now the hat is not seen, but we see its sign that it was good.

The second was in the second

Some girls have the habit of reading the sandals of various designs. They liked this method too.

Did not read?

At first glance, it seems that this person is still lying, but this is the effect of burning on the sun. But I did not know how to do this.

Good design

Both slippers and legs are well designed. Both are the same. Sunshine kicks in and out of it.

What was it?

Did you understand or do not know, but what did he read? Yes, just understood. He just read the sleeper.

but why ?

When girls fall, I understand. After this bra, what went on in the beach to have fun? I was surprised to see.

Give this hand to me Tagore

He left his hands to anyone. Well, it can be called a beautiful sign of love.

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