Kareena was married on the condition of Saif?


Kareena was married on the condition of Saif?

What is the condition on Saif’s marriage – Bollywood’s popular star Kareena Kapoor has reached 37 years. But there is another identity of this Bollywood beauty, she is the wife of the wife of the Nawab Khanadan.

But it may not be known to many that why 10-year-old Saif has married Kareena? You know, what condition did Kareena marry Saif?

Shahid Kapoor had a love relationship with this Bollywood star. Many believe that their love will get married until marriage. But it did not.

Kareena and Saif fall in love with each other on the sets of ‘Tashan’. This love is even more intense at the time of the shooting of ‘kurban’. Their intensity increases.

In a recent interview, Said Kareena said, “Before marriage, I will put some conditions ahead of Saif. I am very independent and self-reliant.

After marriage, I wanted to continue my acting. I’ll be a woman, I will be mother again. But its effect does not fall in my work. And I want to earn money myself.

Saif accepted all the conditions of his beloved ‘Baby’. And immediately when he said yes to marriage, Kareena said. After the long love of these two Bollywood stars, on October 16, 2012, the wedding took place. Then came the younger Nawab Taimur in their lives.

But Saif did not move his words. After marriage, Kareena continued the film work. Even after having a child’s mother, she is returning to the screen again.

He will be seen in Riya Kapoor’s ‘Bire de Wading’. Kareena, wife, mother, acting-keeping all the responsibilities equally.

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